Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Lifestyle | 5 Things I Learnt In My 20's


This year I'll be turning 25. Half way through my 20's already, wow!

It’s safe to say I'm nothing like the shy, naïve girl I was when I was 20. My life, ideas and opinions have changed a lot since then. I thought I was grown up, thought I had things figured out, but looking back I was still such a kid. It’s funny when you’re a child you think “I'll be a proper adult when I'm 25.” Honesty, I'm still figuring out how to Adult. I look at other people my age and wonder how they seem so together..
To mark this milestone, the half way point of my twenties, I'm going to share 5 life lessons I learnt in my twenties:

1. Make your own mind up about people.

It's so easy to be influenced my others opinions of an individual and listen to gossip but their opinion is based on their experience of that person, their thoughts and feelings toward them. If you meet someone and you get on with them, create your own experience and opinions then don't let other opinions interfere with your friendship. It's a good idea to take what people say with a pinch of salt.

2. Take the time for self-care.

Self-care is so important, life can be so distracting we forget to look after ourselves properly. Taking the time to pamper yourself or just have some Me time can really help, especially when you're stressed. Even something as simple as painting your nails or doing your hair can just give your self-esteem a boost. Also, making sure your giving your body what it needs, eating better and getting enough sleep.

3. Relationships are two way

For a long time I think I was very selfish when it came to relationships. I had the attitude: ‘why should I bother with people, they don’t bother with me?’ But relationships are two way. I like the saying ‘To have friends, you need to be a friend’ If you want people in your life you have to want to be in theirs. You can’t just sit around waiting for people to take an interest in you, people have busy lives, if you like someone, tell them, spend time with them, Friendships are like living things, they need to be fed, cared for and maintained.

4. Break ups aren't the end of the world and can be for the best

I know that's an easy thing to say if you're not currently suffering from a stomped on heart but honestly its true. When things end its crushing, even if you wasn't in a happy relationship. You built your whole world around that person and then when it ends it all comes crashing down and you can feel pretty lost. Its sucks because the person you usually run to when you're hurting is the one inflicting the pain but honestly it gets better. After a month or three of being a crying, junk food munching mess you'll wake up one day and those memories will hurt a little less and you'll feel like your odds of survival are a little better.

5. Learn to Communicate

One thing I think really helped me is self control when it comes to saying how you feel. I don't mean bottling things up I mean choosing what to say and when. If someone has upset you or your feeling annoyed about something, just coming out with it can spell disaster. As hard as it can be to do when you're upset taking the times to really think about the situation, think about what you want to say and how you're going to say it can really make things better. The person hearing it be less likely to fire something back, and sometimes after giving yourself time to think you can calm down and you might even feel like it wasn't as big of a deal. Sometimes its a good idea to pick your battles, having an argument every time someone upsets you is exhausting, sometimes its a good idea to chalk it up to imperfection and forgive.

Let me know what you thought of this, maybe share something life has taught you in the comments,

until next time,

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  1. Sounds like some pretty solid advice, well said!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    1. Thanks Kez, glad you enjoyed the read :) x

  2. These are some great life tips, great post! XO -Kim

    1. Thanks Kim, really appreciate the feedback :) x

  3. Wow, these are all such amazing bits of advice and I completely agree with you on everything! I'm turning 23 soon and I feel like I'm learning about all of these things as the months roll by. It is important to be a friend if you want to keep people in your life, and I tend to forget that at times. I also went through a breakup recently and realized it was for the best, which I never thought could be possible! I also think the point about making your own opinion about other people is so, so important. It matters what you think of the person and of what your experience was with them! It sounds like you're on a good path and have learned so much in your twenties which makes me feel like these years have much to teach me as well!

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thanks Diana, Glad you enjoyed my post :) I feel like I have learnt a lot but life is always teaching us and I'm sure I've lots more to learn too.. by the way I your blog is inspiring, hope I can create things like that one day, still new to the blogging world ha xx

  4. I'm going to be 20 soon and I am so nervous because I don't feel matured enough for the upcoming age. I just hope that with time and with the new life experiences waiting for me, I will change!

    XOXO, IF || http://youngbooty.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Aw don't feel nervous, its exciting, its a new chapter of your life :) and don't feel pressured to be mature, everyone goes through life at their own pace and that's okay :) xx