Monday, 16 May 2016

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...thinking about why I am the way I am and I’m slowly learning that I can be pretty grumpy and negative a lot of the time. So I sat and thought about why and I realized it’s because I don’t take proper care of myself. Now when I say I don’t take care of myself, I mean in the sense that I neglect what my mind and body really need to feel happy and healthy. However I don’t think I’m the only one who is a bit rubbish at that.

I'm happiest when I've been eating right, when I've been productive and when I've had satisfying interactions with others, but I rarely keep up with giving myself these things in my day to day, I often find myself eating poorly, and lazing about zoned out on my phone but later feel agitated and bored and like I've wasted my day.

 I spend a little too much time on social media and find myself comparing myself to others, girls who are thinner, healthier, prettier, have a better sense of style. People who can get a good angle when they take a selfie and put about a million filters on it and leave you feeling like ‘why does she look like God’s gift to mankind and I look like a Troll’. I mean it’s not healthy, it’s not going to empower me and make me feel confident in my own skin, it’s going to make me feel crap about myself and make me feel negative and grumpy. I know it sounds a little vain but how you look does have an impact on how you feel about yourself and does affect your mood.

 Another thing I’m really rubbish at is looking after my health. Being unhealthy can really have an impact on your mood. I don’t eat right, I rarely exercise and even when I try to start I’m led astray so easily. It’s almost as if as soon as I tell myself that I can’t have junk food and that I need to make healthier choices, my mind just tells me to eat everything in sight as if I’m rebelling against that side of myself that wants to do better. It’s so frustrating! And I just find myself sitting there feelings gross, overweight and drained.

 One last thing that gets me feeling low is my inability to motivate myself and be organized. I constantly feel like I’m juggling all these things I need to get done and rarely feel like I’m keeping up with everything.

 So, in an effort to start feeling more positive and happy I’m going to list some goal, I don’t know maybe having these goals written down for all the world to see will help motivate and encourage me to stick them, even track my progress..

1.        Make healthier choices with food - the better I eat the better I’ll feel. But be balanced and allow myself the occasional treat, just to stay sane y'know.

2.      Drink more water - Being well hydrated with help me feel more awake and focused.

3.      Exercise Daily – Even if it’s as little as a 10 minute workout at home or going for a walk.

4.      Spend more time reading and less on social media

5.      Create a schedule or To Do List to keep myself organized

 I’ll post about my progress and whether or not I was able to keep these up and let me know in the comments if you struggle with anything I mentioned…


Until next time,

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