Monday, 13 June 2016

Scottish Adventure Part I - A Day At Stirling Castle

 In March I posted my Travel Wishlist sharing some of the places I'd love to visit. Last month I finally got to tick Scotland off that list.

First Impressions

Honestly, I was surprised at how gorgeous the weather was. I’d heard that Scotland’s weather could be pretty temperamental so I had packed expecting to be cold and damp all week long but we got there and it felt like we were abroad, not over the border from England.
The sunshine lasted all week long and it made for a perfect week of exploring and seeing Scotland in all its glory.


On our first day we went along to Stirling Castle, the views from the lookout were amazing and it was so interesting to learn about the history of the place.
The walls and ceilings were stunningly decorated with Unicorns and underneath the castle grounds were creepy little caverns, we had a lot of fun exploring and scaring each other :)

Did you know?
  • A man called John Damian tried to fly from the castle with homemade wings in 1507. He failed and the king was angry but John convinced the king that the reason it had failed was because he had used Chicken feathers instead of the feather of an Eagle so the king spared him.

  • Children working as servants in the castle were paid 2 loaves of bread and 8 pints of ale a day. They also received a wage of £1 a year which was paid on 22 November.

  • When James V married Mary of Guise he wasn't even at the wedding! He sent someone else to stand in for him. Perhaps he was quite over the death of his beloved Madeleine of Valois who died after only a few months of being married.

Stirling Castle was such an amazing day out, there was so much to see and explore. After we had roamed the castle and its grounds we had lunch at the Unicorn Café. It had a gorgeous fresh interior and a delicious range of cakes to enjoy. I had a smoked salmon wrap and a brownie :)

Let me know, have you visited Scotland? Where did you visit?

Keep your eyes peeled for more on my visit to Scotland,

Until Next Time,

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  1. Wow I really loved the little tid bits of history you added there! Spared from death by blaming the chickens xD
    I've never been to Europe but Scotland looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the next posts :D

    1. Ha I'm glad you enjoyed it, that's the joy of traveling, learning all the history and the stories surrounding the place.. Scotland is stunning, its so pretty its surreal! thanks for reading, its always great to have feedback and to know people enjoy what I write about :) xx